Gen Con 2020: Gamewright with Nora


Gamewright has a ton of games to show at Gen Con online! Check out our interview with Nora, below. We discuss some of our new favorites and the events they are running this weekend.

Gamewright at Gen Con

Gamewright is running events all weekend. Here’s a quick run down, but you can find out more at :

Gamewright Gen Con Online schedule

Saturday for Gen Con:

Meet the inventor of Sleeping Queens, who was a kid when she came up with the game! How weird is it that her game is still a family staple after 15 years?

Learn to Play Dungeon Drop

Live Play MetroX

Qwixx Card Game

Sunday for Gen Con:

Abandon all Artichokes playthrough

Splurt! and Hit List playthroughs

And all weekend, Gamewright is running their own cosplay contest – dress up as something from a Gamewright game and post to Instagram. One winner will be chosen at random.

Gamewright’s Games

Marshmallow Test

Most of their 2020 releases were already out before the pandemic shut down. You can see our reviews of Marshmallow Test, Abandon All Artichokes, and MetroX. Dungeon Drop is also great and we hope more people can see it soon.

Shifting Stones is still planned to come out later this year. (We saw this at Boston FIG last fall.) You can also find Qwixx the Card Game and Hi Lo Flip.

We discuss how Marshmallow Test helped our kids understand what a trick-taking game is, and allowed us to also move on to new games like The Crew (KOSMOS). It’s such a straightforward game and the marshmallows are so fun, it’s even great for adults.

Find more from Gamewright online:

Instagram: @Gamewright (look here for the cosplay contest and interviews)

Facebook: @Gamewright

Youtube: Gamewright

Twitter: @Gamewright

Music is Avalanche, provided courtesy of You Bred Raptors?

Images used with permission from Gamewright.