Gen Con 2018: Travis Drake – Brouhaha Games

Brouhaha Games

Brouhaha Games is a brand-new publisher, focused on making family-friendly games with a Halloween theme. We talked to Travis Drake, Creative Director, at Gen Con 2018. Check out their first game, Pumpkin Patch: Bad Seeds, on Kickstarter now.

Pumpkin Patch: Bad Seeds

On Kickstarter through Thursday, August 9 for only $9 (plus shipping)!

10-15 minute abstract game
1-3 players, kid-friendly (ages 8+)
Build your pumpkin patch with your partner(s). Cards score based on what’s around them (color, number, placement).

“My favorite aspect is the art” (Artist: Victor Koch – @vikthor_art on Instagram)

What’s Next for Brouhaha

Soothsayer (in development)
Kerfuffle (in development)

Where to Find Brouhaha Games
@brouhahagames (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram)

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