Gen Con 2018: Chris Leder – Calliope Games – The Mansky Caper

Calliope Games

Chris Leder sat down with our roving reporter, Nick, to talk about Calliope’s big hit of Gen Con: The Mansky Caper.

Ken Franklin is finally seeing his dream come true: The Mansky Caper, which he designed, is finally seeing the light of day.

This is definitely not a cooperative game. Big Al Mansky is the biggest, meanest mobster in the world. He’s gone on a vacation, and we’ve decided to rob his mansion! Unfortunately, his safes don’t just hold treasure, they also have traps! Split your loot with the other characters in the same room as you, and run back to the getaway car to bank your loot… or press your luck and hope you don’t get blown up!

Gang members (players) also do favors for each other, using each other’s special abilities.

Once five rooms in the mansion have been destroyed (or all players decide to leave), the game ends, and all players tally up their loot.

As long as the theme doesn’t bother you, the game is definitely accessible to kids ages 6+.

Find The Mansky Caper and other wonderful games at

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