Gen Con 2018: Randy Hoyt – Foxtrot Games

Foxtrot Games

Randy Hoyt from Foxtrot Games was kind enough to talk to Nick at Gen Con. Foxtrot Games big hit this year is Spy Club. Nick also asked about his first-ever trick-taking game, The Fox in the Forest.

Spy Club

This is a cooperative game for 2-4 “junior detectives”. Hand management and set collection to solve a mystery. You can play a five-game campaign that unlocks new content as you go through it; 40 different stories in total (and all are replayable with new twists that will happen each time).

Inspiration for Spy Club came from “kid detective” stories such as Encyclopedia Brown, Nancy Drew, and the Hardy Boys. But kids will resonate with it, too – because they read new stories such as the A-Z Mysteries. The game was designed to mimic the episodic feel of these books and nod towards the new trend of re-settable legacy games.

Randy hopes that the players have the experience of a story that seems to “snap together” through the emerging elements, without being scripted ahead of time.

The Fox in the Forest

This trick-taking game for two players feels classic. All the odd cards (“face cards”) are fairy tale characters that have special powers. The goal is to win the most tricks… but not too many. Fairy tales teach us not to be greedy! Win with either 7-9 tricks… or go low and win with 0-3.

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