Gen Con 2018: Allen Chang – Rule & Make Games

Rule & MakeWe got a chance to talk to Allen Chang, creative director of Rule & Make Games, about a few of the games they have currently available, and what is coming out soon.

Rule & Make is a publisher based in Australia. They make a variety of games: from family-weight to heavier hobbyist games.

Family Games

Robots and Rockets – a game about robot space tourism. Allocate robots to available seats to their destinations.

Robots and Rockets: Light Speed – build the rockets! Stack parts based on the number on the card.

Ninja Dojo Fight

Heavier Games

Skyward (we’ve reviewed this)

Entropy – another smaller box game.

Smiths of Winterforge – just released to retail.

Hand of Fate (based on the videogame) – RPG with deckbuilding elements. Play competitively or cooperatively.
Hand of Fate: Ordeals (coming soon!)

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