Gen Con 2018: Maxime Tardif – Sphere Games

Sphere Games

Sphere GamesAt Gen Con, we talked to Maxime Tardif of Sphere Games. Sphere Games is a small publisher based in Quebec, Canada.

Mini Diver City – in pre-release (will be available in October). 1-7 players are divers that save species from extinction. Plays in 15-20 minutes and only costs $20. Twist: you hold your cards face-out. You cannot see what is in your hand, only the other players can!

BrilliAnts – this was the first release from Sphere Games. 1-6 players, with cute ant miniatures; reminiscent of Takenoko. You can’t buy it on their website, but it’s available from Cool Stuff Inc.

Mini BrilliAnts – coming soon; the same idea as BrilliAnts, but 2-4 players and faster play (15 minutes). Rather than building up a territory, you concentrate on gathering resources to complete objectives.

Unnamed super hero game – planned for next year for more serious games: plays in 5 minutes.

Galaxies – a family game planned for next year; draft “stars” (marbles) from a bag to build your galaxy.

“We’re trying to be the most accessible possible, and still have strategy involved so that it’s challenging for the parents.”

We’re looking forward to seeing more family games from Sphere Games!
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