PAX Unplugged 2019: AEG with Todd Rowland

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Andrew sat down with Todd Rowland to learn about some of the games that AEG was showing off at PAX Unplugged.

Tiny Towns – a new expansion, Tiny Towns: Fortune, will be coming out early in 2020. Biggest change? Now there are coins. Some buildings generate them, some require them, and they can be turned in for bonus points at the end of the game.

Inner Compass – coming out in March 2020. Walk through life, experiencing emotions and experiences. Clear a row or column for special scoring. The player with the “richest life experience” wins the game. Probably suitable for 10+.

Inner Compass

Ecos: The First Continent – use tokens that represent grassland, forest, and oceans, and add mountains, trees, and animals of all sorts. Draft new cards into your hand that give you more abilities, but you’ll only be able to use each ability a few times! You’ll pull stones from a bag and everyone can match symbols with what has been revealed.

Ready to start playing Ecos

Coming soon to Kickstarter: Lost Atlantis – This game can be played completely with or without a board, in as big or small a space as you like. Use a measuring stick to determine how far your submarine can move. Explore, uncover new treasures, and open the portal to Atlantis!

Lost Atlantis

Find out more about these games and others at Find AEG on social media: @Alderac on Facebook, @Alderac on Twitter, @AlderacEG on Instagram.