PAX Unplugged 2019: Genius Games – Ecosystem

Genius Games

At PAX Unplugged, Anitra talked with Justin about the newest game coming from Genius Games: a small card game called Ecosystem.

Ecosystem is a game of diversity. It’s a card-drafting game in which you build a food web. Pick one card from your hand, place it down on the table and eventually form a 4×5 grid: your ecosystem. Every card has its own scoring mechanism – however, you’ll lose points if you don’t have enough diversity in your layout!

It’s got gorgeous art, and we would love to play it. Genius Games is working on a reprint, planned to release in March. Sign up for their newsletter at to be notified when it’s available. It should be $15 – a great value!

Ecosystem game
Can’t wait to play!

Find out more about Genius Games at their website, or on Facebook @GotGeniusGames, Twitter @GotGeniusGames, and on Instagram @GotGeniusGames.