PAX Unplugged 2019: Luma Imports


Andrew grabbed a few minutes with Colin from Luma Imports on the last day of PAX Unplugged to talk about some of their newest game partnerships.

Welkin – market manipulation game. Create blueprints for fantastical buildings, changing the values of resources used to build the buildings along the way.

Treasures of Cibola – you’re trying to get artifacts out of the collapsing temple. But you don’t know how they’ll be valued until the game is over, since boulders will get dropped on the point board as you’re leaving! A quick family-friendly game.

Similo cards
Similo: Fables

Similo: Fables and Similo: History – now in stores; both games use the same mechanic. A clue-giver uses their cards to guide the rest of the players to their selected card in the tableau. Only $10 (and we reviewed it just a few weeks after PAX Unplugged.)

Team 3 – with Brain Games. Cooperate in 3 person teams. One person sees the card and makes gestures. The second player can speak (interpreting the gestures), and the third person is blindfolded, while attempting to build the shape that the first player has on their card.

Snowman Dice – also with Brain Games. Roll the dice, build your snowmen, push it into the center of the table but other players will try to flick their “snowballs” to knock your snowman over.

Incubation (which we just reviewed).

Luma is working with so many publishers, their offerings are varied. “We want something accessible to all ages, great table presence, and great stories with great visuals. We want to have something vibrant at the table.”

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Facebook: @LumaGamesImports
Instagram: @Luma.Imports
Twitter: @ImportsLuma