PAX Unplugged 2019: Move38


At the last day of PAX Unplugged, Anitra talked to Jon, the designer of Blinks – the world’s first smart tabletop game system.

Each of the hexagonal game pieces is intelligent. Each piece works like a “cartridge” that knows a single game – but can “teach” the other pieces and play together. Many of the games operate in real-time, and can be easily customized by how many pieces you use.

A few of the games Blinks is starting with:

Mortals – each hex has 60 seconds to live, but can “steal” seconds from other pieces when it reattaches. When a “mortal” dies, it becomes a “zombie”… A real-time, turn-based, strategy game. Something that’s tough to do without electronics!

Speed Racer – race to create a viable path for your racer, taking pieces off the back of the “road” and adding them to the front.

Wham – basically whack-a-mole.

Bomb Brigade – like hot potato. Spark the “bomb” and be the last one alive.

Puzzle 101 – a procedurally-generated puzzle. “Like a Rubik’s cube that re-shuffles itself automatically.”

Fracture – a puzzle game that can be played solo or competitively.

Playing Fracture – a puzzle game that uses Blinks.

The top of each hexagonal piece is a soft membrane over a physical button and lights, and the sides are magnetic so they stick together. The back side has “game art”.

Games will continue to be released in the future from all sorts of designers. The games already available run the gamut from thinky, puzzley games that are suitable for a single player, to group games that are all about fast reflexes.

We think this technology is a good way to create tabletop games that you wouldn’t be able to have otherwise.

Move38 has been really intentional about the way these pieces feel: weight, size, and durability.

“I wanted them not to feel like screens.”


Most games are 7+ or a little older, but the pieces themselves are suitable for younger ages. You could set them up and simply play a puzzle together.

Find out more at – the base set is $99 for 6 tabletop games that fit in your pocket!

Move38 is doing all sorts of interesting things with toys & games. Find out more about their projects at, or find them on Twitter @move38inc.