PAX Unplugged 2019: Perplext


Andrew found Chris Handy from Perplext at PAX Unplugged, showing off their newest game, Roland Wright.

Roland Wright is a dice-and-pen game (aka “roll and write”) about creating a game! Roland is trying to match patterns of dots, representing his inspirations for parts of the game he’s creating.

You roll dice, mark colored dots down on your player board, but then you can also erase previously-written dots to take other actions.

There are engine-building elements to create synergy and make you an unstoppable game-designing force.

Roland Wright should be available in March at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and at for about $25.

Pack-O-Games: These are incredibly small; every game uses 30 cards that are 1×3″. These restrictions make for very interesting, very portable games. (All have 3-letter names: we reviewed BOO.)

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