PAX Unplugged 2019: The OP with Ross Thompson

The OP - USAopoly
The OP - USAopoly

We caught Ross Thompson at PAX Unplugged and he told us about several of the newest games out from The OP. The OP is celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, and they’ve got some great games to share with us.

Toy Story: Obstacles and Adventures

This covers all 4 movies, and 2 of the shorts. 5 players, starting in “book 2” because Jessie isn’t around in the first one! No one dies. Instead you’re put in the toy box; and your goal is to overcome obstacles – both physical (Sid) and emotional (jealousy). There are a lot of cards that lead to synergy between the players. You’ve got more health but also pull out more cards to defeat, so it’s more swingy than Hogwarts Battle, but also more geared towards kids. Our favorite little alien friends represent emotional “traits” and they’re adorable.

Geek Out! Disney

Compete with your friends and family on your Disney knowledge. The dice help you pick a category. Everyone bets on how many things they can name in that category (3 of Snow White’s dwarves. But can you name 4? How many movies can you name where a dog is the main character?)

Hogwarts Battle: Defence Against the Dark Arts

Hogwarts Battle, now as a competitive deck-building game. You are members of the Hogwarts dueling club; push your competitor off the board to win the round. In addition to spells, items, and allies, you’ll also get hexes (bad cards you put in your opponent’s deck). Best of 3 rounds wins in around 20 minutes.

CLUE: Dungeons & Dragons

The newest version of this classic, based on D&D 5th edition. You’re in Waterdeep and one of the characters in your party has been killed and is now being impersonated by a demon. First you need to find out who’s dead, with what weapon, and then you also need to find the hidden “infernal cube”. Watch your movement! If you’re in the wrong place, demons may be unleashed and wreak havoc on your plan. Different modes of play allow cooperative play and additional fun stuff.

Find more from The OP at their website: and on social media: @theopgames on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@usaopoly on Pinterest).