PAX Unplugged 2019: Van Ryder Games

Van Ryder Games
Van Ryder Games

Andrew met up with Shaun at PAX Unplugged to talk about some of the most popular games from Van Ryder Games.

Van Ryder Games makes graphic novel choose-your-own-adventure puzzle books. We’ve already enjoyed their Sherlock Holmes series, but there’s even better things available now!

Crusoe Crew – this is a set of 4 books, where each book represents a different character. A group can read the books together, take separate paths briefly, then regroup.

Van Ryder Games will soon be publishing a Sherlock Holmes set that works cooperatively, like the Crusoe Crew.

In addition to the graphic novel adventures, they also makes some more traditional board games. We’re especially excited for Bees: The Secret Kingdom – a family game in partnership with Awaken Realms. Play your cards to get pollen stones (everyone gets something), then use the pollen stones to buy honeycomb cards to get points. An engine-building card game that feels a little like Century: Spice Road. There are advanced cards you can add for older kids.

Find out more at, or on Twitter at @VanRyderGames.