SNAP Review – The Root Beer Float Challenge

What’s your favorite part, the ice cream, the root beer, or just the whole experience of getting a ice cream float?

That’s tough. I think it’s the experience. I love the mix of a warm day with some cold ice cream and the crackles of frozen root beer you get on the top – mmm, that part might be my favorite.

It might be tough to get a root beer float this time of year, or maybe it’s just too cold for you – But you don’t have to totally give up the experience. Instead, you can grab this monstrously large can and play The Root Beer Float Challenge.


The Root Beer Float Challenge is a family party game for up to eight players from Gray Matters Games.


Let’s talk about that art…

The Root Beer Float Challenge comes packaged in this big can – and that gives you some idea what to expect here. In the game, you’re building a collection of ingredients for a float.

And they’re all present here in a tangible, physical form that you’ll really use in the game: the ice cream ball, straws, even a cherry, and the root beer itself, symbolized by the can.

The art on the cards is just adequate, but it’s clear, and it’s put together with a few clever touches.


So, let’s talk mechanics. How do you actually play The Root Beer Float Challenge?

Players take turns, starting with the oldest player. (Andrew: “finally!”)

On your turn, roll the die to determine what kind of challenge you’ll face: solo, co-op, or head to head. Then draw the top card of that challenge type and read it out loud.

Challenges use the ingredients in crazy ways – rolling, flipping, balancing, hitting, or spinning.

The current player can pick their teammate for a co-op challenge or their opponent for a head-to-head challenge.

If you win the challenge, you get to pick one ingredient shown on the challenge card to add to your collection. Grab an ingredient card. Yes, if it’s a co-op challenge, you each get to pick an ingredient.

Then it’s the next player’s turn to roll the die and attempt a challenge.

Your goal is to collect all four ingredient types: ice cream, root beer, cherry, and straw. The first player to get all four of them, wins!


So what did we expect from The Root Beer Float Challenge?

[Anitra] When I saw this game at PAX Unplugged, it seemed fun, but silly and repetitive. Minute-to-win-it challenges are fun, but how many of them can you really do before the group gets tired of it?

[Andrew] I figured it would be silly, but we all gathered around the table to play a party table game, and this is not quite that – you definitely need some space to move around.

Two boys balance a straw in The Root Beer Float Challenge
In this co-op challenge, two players hold a straw between their heads and walk forward.


So what surprised us about The Root Beer Float Challenge?

The challenges were pretty funny to watch other people do. Some of them varied wildly in difficulty, which in some cases led our younger players to be a little frustrated. [Anitra: “me too!”]

This game is definitely not for the littlest among us, or people who have poor fine motor skills. But it is a fantastic, if dumb (intentionally) ice breaker or party game for a family that doesn’t usually play a lot of games, but they don’t mind being somewhat active.

This game is really clever! I love finding out new ways to use these ingredients. A few of the challenges were really simple – like asking a player try to pick which hand hides a cherry – and some were really dumb, like getting two players to hold the “ice cream ball” between their butts – but most of them were really challenging. The designers found a lot of ways to use the same few elements!

And although we initially sat around a table to play, this game definitely kept us moving!


Do we recommend The Root Beer Float Challenge?

Like we said, this is a great game for younger people, like preteens and teenagers.

You can certainly also play it as a family, but only if no one has mobility problems. Quite a few of the challenges ask players lie on the floor, for example. But it is definitely guaranteed to get your group moving. And it’s a great game for winter days when everyone is stuck inside.

But not stuck inside the can!

I hope not.

We rate The Root Beer Float Challenge three scoops of ice cream out of five.

The Root Beer Float Challenge - A Smooth & Refreshing Family Party Game

Find The Root Beer Float Challenge on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or direct from Gray Matters Games.

The Family Gamers received a copy of The Root Beer Float Challenge from Gray Matter Games for this review.

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This post contains affiliate links, which do not change your price, but help support The Family Gamers.

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The Root Beer Float Challenge
  • Ice Cream Scoops


Age Range: 8+ (not good for older adults with mobility issues)
Number of Players: 2-8
Playtime: 30+ minutes