SNAP Review – Concluzio


Concluzio is a compact, straightforward deduction card game for 2-4 players, ages 8+, from Puzzling Pixel Games and designed by Robert Kerr.

We’ll tell you about in a SNAP – listen to just 5 minutes of audio or read on below.

How to Play

Deal out five cards to each player. This is their hand. Then deal a sixth card – each player holds this last card face out: it is their secret card.

a hand of cards in a holder - 1 card facing out and 5 facing in
Five cards in hand (or holder) plus a secret card that all other players can see.

Each player gets a starting clue from the player on their right – a card that matches their secret card in some way.

After this, players take turns putting down a card from their OWN hand. The rest of the group tells them whether that card matches some aspect of their secret (“Yes”), or matches none (“No”). The player may organize their “yes” and “no” clue cards any way they wish in front of them.

After playing a card, draw back up to maintain a hand of five cards.

A hand of cards with a few face up on the table - 2 cards on the left and 3 cards on the right
Can you deduce the secret card from these “yes” and “no” piles? What card would you play next?

On their turn, a player may choose to guess their secret card – number, shape, and color. If they get all three attributes right, they win! Otherwise, they are eliminated.

Continue playing until one player wins with a correct guess or all others are knocked out.

Special Powers

Change up the rules by giving each player a special ability card at the beginning of the game. Each of these cards gives a special power that can be used only once – playing two cards on a turn, guessing without being eliminated, asking a yes or no question about your secret card, or having an extra card in your hand all game.

The key to the special powers is to find just the right time to use them! It makes the game more interesting.

Special power cards
Use your special power at just the right time


We love the simplicity of Concluzio. With only 49 cards (plus the special powers), it’s easy to setup and fast to play, while being simple to understand.

Each card combination appears exactly once, so a played card either matches ONE attribute of your secret, or NONE. Use this to your advantage while planning your plays and guesses. This helps you figure out what’s going on with the 7 colors, 7 shapes, and 7 numbers.

an assortment of Concluzio cards
A sampling of the cards: there are no repeats in the deck.


Some of the colors used are a bit hard to read (the yellow in particular) and others may be hard for color blind players. It’s not completely impossible, since the cards have a small letter in the lower left corner to indicate the color, but still difficult.

Three cards: o, p, b
Small letters indicate each color

In addition, the shape choices are a bit odd and lead to awkwardness when trying to name them. Three of the shapes appear in both a “solid” and “outline” version.

Simple and Straightforward

Concluzio is exactly what it appears to be: a simple, straightforward deduction game with no extra fluff. It’s an abstract game with no theme. We like that for our collection: there’s no theme here that might be off-putting for anyone.

If you’re looking for a game that bridges the gap from “old games that everyone knows” to more modern deduction games, Concluzio may be the option for you.

Get Concluzio at the Puzzling Pixel Games website for just $10. You can throw it in a purse or a small bag and play it just about anywhere.

For its simplicity and compact size, we give Concluzio 4 stars out of 5.

Concluzio hand

The Family Gamers received a copy of Concluzio from Puzzling Pixel Games for this review.

SNAP review music is Avalanche, provided courtesy of You Bred Raptors?

  • Open Star Shapes


Age Range: 8+ (can go a bit younger)

Number of Players: 2-4

Playtime: 10-20 minutes