SNAP Review – Sparkle*Kitty: Powerful Princesses in Peril

Sparkle*Kitty box
Sparkle*Kitty box
Sparkle*Kitty box

Be a pretty princess and save yourself with sweet spells in Sparkle Kitty, a silly word game from Breaking Games. Listen to our thoughts in 5 minutes or read on below.

The Goal: Break down your tower by removing cards.

You and your fellow princesses have been trapped, each of you placed at the top of a “no-cursing” tower. What’s a princess to do? Break the tower by creating spells out of words like sugar and spice and (nearly) everything nice.

Spell book: "Piggy Book"
Play cards to the spell book

On your turn, you may:

  1. Play a card from your hand into the spell book by matching either a color or symbol currently visible on the spell book – and don’t forget to say the spell out loud!
  2. Play a dark magic card to add a card to another princess’ tower. You must continue to speak that “dark magic” word before every spell you cast in the rest of the game!
  3. Pass & draw a card.
Sparkle Kitty dark magic card: Pretty (and Princess Palette)
Dark Magic

To remove cards from your tower:

  1. Empty your hand (then draw 1 from your tower & refill hand from deck)
  2. Play a DOUBLE – at any time, play exact match for a word. Say “DOUBLE” and the word. Then draw a card from your tower.
  3. Play a Sparkle or Kitty card (match color only), then draw a card from your tower.

You may also play SUPER SPECIAL cards, which show a rainbow. They act as wild cards, giving players special powers such as drawing an extra card off your tower, forcing a player to draw cards, or allowing a player to play out all the cards in their hand.

The first princess to remove all the cards from their tower, sucessfully escapes. And wins the game!

Special cards: Infinite, Sparkle, Kitty
Special and super-special cards

Sparkle Kitty Impressions

We find it’s a little top-heavy to learn, but easy to play. Match the symbols, say the words, get rid of your cards!

The “spells” sound ridiculous, and that’s part of the point.

Sparkle Kitty rewards speed (for the DOUBLE spells) and take-that play (putting more cards in another player’s tower or forcing them to draw more cards). Between those two aspects, it’s not great for kids who aren’t strong readers or have a lot of trouble with take-that. Otherwise, this is a great party-style game for 3-8 players.

With Sparkle Kitty, even boys can enjoy being a princess once in a while. There’s a style of princess here for everyone, and we all enjoy using the powers to break down our towers.

Find Sparkle Kitty for about $20 at your friendly local game store or on Amazon.

Sparkle Kitty setup: Pony, Tickle, Monster, Piggy

The Family Gamers received a copy of Sparkle Kitty from Breaking Games for this review.

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Players: 3-8
Age Range: 9+
Playtime: 15+ minutes