SNAP Review – Where’s Mr. Wolf?

Where's Mr. Wolf game box

Looking for more games to play with the littlest gamers in your family? Corey and his daughter Sasha have got you covered, with this snap review of Where’s Mr. Wolf from Blue Orange Games.

Listen to their review in under 5 minutes, or read on below.

Where's Mr. Wolf in play.

Where’s Mr. Wolf has cardboard 3D “barns” that sit at the end of the board. Place a barn tile on top of each barn, picturing which animals live there. Scatter flower tokens all over the farm yard.

On your turn, pick a flower and flip it over. If it’s an animal that matches one of the barns, put it in the barn. If it’s a wolf, move the wolf along the path towards the barn (and flip the token back over and put him back into the flowers).

Players work together to flip over the flower tokens and get the right animals in their barns. You must put EXACTLY the right number of animals in each barn, or you will lose!


All the animals are cute, even Mr. Wolf, who’s not scary at all.

We found there’s one arrangement of cards that makes the game impossible to win. There are only 3 of each animal type on the flower tokens, but you could have cards on your barns that require more than 3 of the same animal.

Mr. Wolf getting close
Photo courtesy Heath Washburn,

Remember where the wolves are hiding! There are 4 wolf tokens but 5 stones on the wolf’s path – so don’t forget and choose the same wolf token twice!

Up to four people can play this short, simple game, and the rules give a solo play option, too.

We think the 15 minutes playtime is just right for young children. Sasha likes to play it over and over; she gives it a 10.

We highly recommend Where’s Mr. Wolf for your littles to play with big brothers and sisters or adult helpers.

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Where's Mr. Wolf?
  • Family Fun


Number of Players: 1-4

Age Range: 4+

Playtime: 15 minutes (just right for young children)