SNAP Review – Super Kitty Bug Slap

Super Kitty Bug Slap: Steve Jackson Games
Super Kitty Bug Slap: Steve Jackson Games

Do you enjoy speed games like SlapJack, Spit, or Slamwich? Then you should listen to our review of Super Kitty Bug Slap, from Steve Jackson Games.

Designed by Sam Mitschke and Randy Scheunemann, find out why this quick-slapping game is one of Claire’s favorites.

How to Play

Each player gets a card representing “their kitty” for the round, with three specific attributes: Shape (Square/Round), Color (Orange/Purple), and Bug (Ladybug/Fly).

four cat cards
One of these will be your kitty.

Dealer turns over one card at a time. All other players try to slap and take cards that match at one characteristic of their cat. Some cards match on multiple aspects, and some match only one (or none!)

When all cards have been dealt (and either slapped or removed from play), tally your score: 1 point for correctly matched cards, -2 points for incorrect cards.

Play as many rounds as there are players, so each player is the dealer once.

Super Kitty Bug Slap - orange round cat matches purple round cat
An easy match.


“I like it and am constantly trying to find someone to play it with me.”


A super-fast game, Super Kitty Bug Slap is great for kids (and adults) who love speed games. Playing can get ridiculous, for instance, if a player just slaps at everything. Especially in a 5-player game, this can be a winning strategy.

We absolutely love the super cute illustrations from Len Peralta (who we interviewed back in 2016).

Super Kitty Bug Slap - blue fly matches blue fly
Aren’t they just the cutest?

Claire rates this “not a 5, probably a 4.99”, and will keep looking for more people to play it with her.

For about $6 on Amazon , Warehouse 23 (the Steve Jackson Games store), or at your local game store, you can’t beat it for value.

The Family Gamers received a review copy of Super Kitty Bug Slap from Steve Jackson Games.

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Super Kitty Bug Slap
  • Claire says: 4.99
  • Anitra says: 3


3-5 players (we say 2-5)

Ages 6+

20 minutes (or less)