06- The Family Gamers Podcast – Boston FIG

Thanks for tuning in! This week, we talk about the Boston Festival of Indie Games, with some special guests – our kids!

What we played this week:
Numberbots (“Not a game, Mommy”)
Project Rocket Golfing
Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique (discontinued iPad game)

More information about the games we saw at Boston FIG:

  • Project Rocket Golfing (iOS, by Morgan McGuire)
    • Simple graphics with realistic gravity
    • No win/lose, just earn awards for passing certain milestones (under par, hole-in-one, finished all holes (“planets”) on on course (“galaxy”)
    • Only 99 cents!
  • Howie & Yarla (“the game where the red went all over the school, and then he went with a snake on him”) – not yet available
  • A Tofu Tail
    • Here’s our silly little Asher!
    • Asher
  • Pizza! Fast!
    • free-to-play iOS game (ad supported)
    • restaurant simulation game with
  • Grow Fairy Kingdoms (by Yaya Play Games)
    • semi-simultaneous play (everyone grows their plant at the same time, then takes turns attacking)
    • non-lethal attacking (“pruning”)
    • must “gift” to other players in each growing round, which both makes things less fully random but also encourages balance
  • Maze Racers
    • 2-4 players – you each build a maze for a marble to run through
    • When everyone is done, trade mazes, then race!
  • Slideways (by Tricia McLaughlin)
    • 4×4 tic-tac-toe with a twist
    • great travel game
    • 2-3 players
  • Oh My Gods!
    • “guess the hidden card” game themed on the Greek gods
    • Each god also has a power to reveal or swap out cards
  • Why The Long Face?
    • “Face charades”
    • We never thought pictures of taxidermied animals could be so hilarious!
  • Fishing and Farting (card game)
  • Smorball (online typing game)
  • MegaloMalady (iOS / Android)
  • Sneaky Cards
  • OutFoxed
  • Flashlights & Fireflys (by Pair of Jacks Games / Jeff Johnston)
  • Toasted or Roasted (by Pair of Jacks Games / Jeff Johnston)
  • Robit Riddle – simple role-playing for kids, choose-your-own-adventure style!
  • Loose Nozzles – Foster Family Games. iOS rocket flying game, all artwork / sounds done by 6-year-old Ian.

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