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Top 6 Cooperative Games for Children

Sometimes, you just want to play with your kids instead of playing against them. We discuss our favorite cooperative board games to play with children.

What We’ve Been Playing:

Dicey Peaks

Fight for Olympus (see our review)


Tempus Imperium (find it here)

My First Stone Age

Sports Dice: Football (from FoxMind / FunWiz) – Andrew likes this even more than Sports Dice: Baseball!

MegaLand (see our review)

H.I.D.E. (Hidden Identity Dice Espionage)

Bob Ross: Happy Little Accidents

Fanzy (MLB version)

Sports Dice: Baseball

Nut So Fast

Dice Forge

Blank (see our review) – the new expansion “Blankdemic”, designed by Matt Leacock and his daughter Colleen, looks like an interesting addition!

Monsters in the Elevator (see our review)

SNAP Review

Card Caddy and accessories

See a transcript for the Card Caddy SNAP review.


Top 6 Cooperative Games to Play with Children

Sometimes you just want to share the joy of winning or pain of losing. Cooperative games can help teach graceful losing, and provide an exciting opportunity to coach our children in strategic thinking.

Mmm! (by Reiner Knizia, published by Pegasus Spiele) – plays great solo, easy to understand but with variable difficulty to suit any skill level.

Purrrlock Holmes (We’ve reviewed this)

Monsters in the Elevator (review linked above)

Castle Panic

Forbidden Desert – and we are excited for Forbidden Sky!

Flashpoint: Fire Rescue

Find these games on Amazon (except Monsters in the Elevator).

Honorable mentions:

Mice & Mystics
Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle

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