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Episode 172 - PAX Unplugged, Day One
Episode 172 - PAX Unplugged, Day One

Did you know that 172 feet is the world high-diving record? Wow.

But we’re here to talk about games! No show last week because we had just returned from PAX Unplugged and went right back into school and work and the holiday season.

We’ll tell you about a few games we’ve been playing lately, and then get into interviews we recorded a week ago.

What We’ve Been Playing

Tussie Mussie from Button Shy – a laid-back I-split-you-choose game for 2-4 players designed by Elizabeth Hargrave (better known for Wingspan). Adults have all enjoyed it, but the kids didn’t love it. Well worth our $10.

Spy Master from Calliope Games – also an I-split-you-choose game; choose a hand of “resources” and use them to send your spies around the globe, completing various missions. Very different than Tussie Mussie, but in a good way. Review coming soon.

Similo from Horrible Guild and Luma Imports – Our surprise hit from PAX Unplugged. A cooperative card game that feels a bit like Codenames (choose the correct cards to eliminate). The object is to narrow down the field to a single “correct” character.

L.L.A.M.A. from Amigo – one of the Spiel des Jahres nominees this past year. It was fine.

Funkoverse from Prospero Hall / Funko – a beat-em-up duel between well-known characters from pop culture. Nick talked a lot about these after Gen Con; they’re really good!

Skulk Hollow from Pencil First Games – a really neat asymmetric 2-player game. One player is the cute “Foxen” clan defending their home. They’re up against some sort of giant monster (the other player). The Foxen have to first get TO the monster and then leap up ONTO it, damaging it all over so they can win. Art reminds us of the game ROOT or the Disney version of Robin Hood.

For Science!

Don’t forget about the roasted crickets! Find the videos on our Facebook page.

PAX Unplugged Interviews, Day One

(0:12:40) AEG with Todd Rowland

Tiny Towns

Inner Compass

Ecos: The First Continent

Lost Atlantis – Kickstarter coming next spring.

(0:22:55) Deep Water Games with Chris

Fantastic Factories – plays up to 5 players, or solo!

Welcome To… New Las Vegas

Welcome To… will be getting new expansions in 2020 as well.

Trial of the Temples is a prequel to Mystery of the Temples and Realm of Sand.

Claim 2 adds five new factions and can be played with Claim or on its own.

(0:32:30) HABA Games with T.

Miyabi – layered tile placement.

Mountains – gather the equipment you need to hike up the mountain.

Boom Bang Gold – a speedy, silly game about throwing dynamite and grabbing gold.

Valley of the Vikings

Adventure Land

The Hearmees

(0:42:30) Oink Games with Toby

Nine Tiles Panic – a speedy puzzle game for up to 5 players.

Fafnir – Oink’s newest game, about chickens that lay gems and golden eggs.

Insider – Let’s play “twenty questions”; but the “insider” tries to direct the group without being found out.

(0:55:00) The OP with Ross Thompson

Toy Story: Obstacles and Adventures – a cooperative game that follows all 4 Toy Story movies (and 2 shorts).

Geek Out! Disney – Compete with your friends and family on your Disney knowledge .

Hogwarts Battle: Defence Against the Dark Arts – Use your magical deck-building skills from Hogwarts Battle to enter a dueling club; push your opponent off the board to win the round.

CLUE: Dungeons & Dragons – based on D&D 5th edition.

Find out more at theop.games

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