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Carla Kopp

This week, we’re joined by Carla Kopp from Weird Giraffe Games to talk about Roar & Write (currently on Kickstarter), and a few other games she’s excited for right now.

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What We’ve Been Playing

Carla has been doing a lot of playtesting: mostly Fire in the Library Card Game and Scents and Sensibility (hedgehogs in a flower shop)

10 Days in the USA kicked off our Independence Day weekend. We’re hoping to also get in a play of Hanabi to substitute for the fireworks we’re missing.

Super Cats

Fire in the Library

Rap Godz (Hoop Godz is coming soon!)

Stone Age: Anniversary Edition

Valeria Card Kingdoms (Andrew played solo!)

Telestrations: Upside Drawn

Telestrations, Fire in the Library, 10 Days in the USA
Telestrations: Upside Drawn, Fire in the Library, and 10 Days in the USA

Last Week!

Last week we played Boardgame in the Middle just for fun. Carla wins the game!

Cities Skylines has an average weight of 6.84, Megacity Oceania is 7.01, and Sprawlopolis is 7.46 (as of when we played Boardgame in the Middle).

We also asked you, our listeners to guess the highest weight of the games in our library. Congratulations to Sheramy for her guess!

Clip Cut Parks

SNAP Review – Clip Cut Parks

Is this “roll and cut” game a novel take on the roll and write genre – or just a novelty? Andrew and Anitra tell you all about it. See the pictures and the transcript for this SNAP review.

Questions for Carla

Let’s talk about Weird Giraffe Games and Galactic Raptor Games.

Roar & Write: An Animal Kingdoms Game

We loved Animal Kingdoms (our review). Carla designed the solo mode for that game, and she also designed Roar & Write (currently on Kickstarter), set in the same world.

The Animal Kingdoms decrees come back here as animal “committe members”, plus specific requirements for each kingdom, plus a hidden objective for each player.

Going “out” early still gives you extra points, although in a slightly different way here, since Roar & Write allows for any number of players.

It’s the right time for a lighter, less expensive game (only $19 including shipping!), especially one that can be played remotely.

Originally Roar & Write was going to include some area control, but that proved too difficult to do in a roll and write game – and they ended up with a game they liked a lot better.

Fire in the Library Card Game

Carla is currently working on a Fire in the Library Card Game, which will probably be released to Kickstarter next year.

It has a lot of callbacks to the original game, but now you’re trying to make piles of books, with a variety of genres & languages. Spark cards stop your pile-building. Play “nicely” or push sparks over to other players.

More projects from Carla

Degrees of Darkness: get a Masters’ in one of the Dark Arts (engine builder w/ drafting & time track) (Coming this October?)

Big Easy Busking – USA fulfilled in Feb/March, rest of world fulfilling now.

Tumble Town – on pre-order! Town building / engine building w/ set collection – using dice. Preorder now at weirdgiraffegames.com/store

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