209 – Bruce Voge – The Family Gamers Podcast

Bruce Voge and Nick Martinelli
Bruce Voge

This week, we welcome Bruce Voge to the show!

You may have seen Bruce before from our cricket-eating videos.

We have a 209 fact that is baseball-related. As of recording time (8/28), the top 5 hitters in the major leagues have combined for 209 hits.

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What We’ve Been Playing

Last Defense! (wait for the SNAP review later.)

5er Finden (HABA) is still amazing.

Crokinole boards are heavy.

Pan Am (Funko Games) – is amazing at 2 players.

… isn’t it great that there are GOOD licensed games now?

4×6 plastic photo cases (from the craft store) are an amazing way to store small box games. (A BGG thread that talks about this: https://boardgamegeek.com/blogpost/62375/storage-option-iris-46-photo-case)

Anitra debates whether or not to get the Button Shy Game Haul bag. (Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/239309591/button-shy-game-haul-bag)

Prisma Arena (HUB Games) – we did not anticipate how much our kids would love this game. “Pretty Pretty Princess Unmatched“? Not quite, but not far off.

Last Defense with app

SNAP Review – Last Defense!

Can you defend your city from unknown monsters? You have 20 minutes to find the trapped scientists in Last Defense!, but we have 5 minutes to tell you about it with Elliot.

Read the transcript and see the pictures on our SNAP review page.

What’s Up with Bruce?

Bruce is an entertainer by nature. He’s been doing the Party Gamecast on and off, and recently got back into doing the podcast again.

He also created a Youtube channel called “Board Game the Game Show”, with four different “shows” as part of it:

  • Board Game the Game Show (turning real board games into a game show format)
  • The Challenge (a clue-giving game)
  • It’s Quiz Time (ask questions about an image – live responses – a great replacement for bar trivia)
  • WIN-terview (an interview with a board game personality, and then a set of 50/50 questions that all viewers can answer) – our favorite!

Flip the Table taught us that board game media (podcast, etc) could be FUN! That’s been a big inspiration for Bruce. Another piece was needing content that’s unique for virtual conventions.

One more, but a lot less boardgame-related: Just Barely Sports, a podcast that explores things that are sports-adjacent: team names, logos, videogames, trading cards. We discuss the Raptors, the Trash Pandas, the Iron Pigs, the Rumble Ponies, and Blaseball.

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