Episode 337 – PAX East Interviews

Anitra and Claire at PAX East 2023
Anitra and Claire at PAX East 2023

This week, we’ve got interviews from PAX East 2023, “For Science” and our March monthly report.

337 Facts

337CE is the year that Constantine died. His sons split up the Roman empire into three parts later that year.

Ten artists and three Imagineers worked full-time for 18 months to create the 337 animal carvings on The Tree of Life. Sculptors had between five to eight hours to create each finished animal image before the plaster hardened.

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What We’ve Been Playing

Avant Carde (deck-building game from Resoynm, hopefully out within a year)
Starry Night Sky (by Emma Larkins – review coming this spring)
Next Station London
Imagine (out of print) – somewhat like Cloud Control, but the categories are harder and the cards are cooler.
Strike – just plain fun.
KaPow (Wise Wizard – review coming this spring)
HerStory (our review)
boop (review included in this episode)

The Monthly Report – March

Anitra: 58 plays of 38 games. H-index 3 (Dice Cards, Across America Fluxx, Ecosystem Coral Reef, Strike, Heist)

Andrew: 28 plays of 24 games. H-index 2 (Across America Fluxx, boop, Ecosystem Coral Reef)

For Science!

We try the “Reese’s Big Cup with Reese’s Puffs”.

We have mixed feelings: it’s better than some of the other options (the potato chip Reeses was weird), but we’d prefer most other kinds instead.

… and a discussion of eating Kit Kats like a rebel.

boop - Kittens are adorable jerks.

SNAP Review – boop

Kittens are adorable jerks – channel your inner kitten in this cute game by Scott Brady and published by Smirk & Laughter. Bounce each other off the bed while trying to line up your own kittens and cats.

Curious for more? Watch the video or read the transcript.

PAX East Interviews

Amigo with Alex

Re-release of Take 5 & No Thanks in one (smaller) package.

Linko! (AKA “Abluxxen”)

Holli Golli Circus ? part of a new “My First Amigo” line of card games for young children.

Unsolved – solve a mystery from just pictures

Pick-a-Pepper (AKA Sauscharf) – collect hot pepper cards and make sauce!

Bohnanaza Dahlias – illustrated by Beth Sobel

Dice Hunters of Therion (we will be reviewing this one)

Gem Blenders with Steve

A trading-card game where you power-up your hero characters with gem cards.

Check out the Kickstarter.


Pocket Paragons with Krose

A 5-minute dueling card game. A rock-paper-scissors mechanic plus character-specific powerups.


Resonym with Max

Glitch Squad – a party game where you’re trying to guess words but “Glitch” gets to change one of the clues before you see them! Based on forensic science.


Phase Shift Games with Jason

Fluttercampaign on Kickstarter, not Gamefound.

Pollinators such as butterflys, bees, dragonflies, etc. and unusually shaped tiles. Match colored flower petals and spend them to enclose the pollinators.


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