Episode 352 – Top 5 Simultaneous Play Games

Episode 352 - Top 5 Simultaneous Games
Episode 352 - Top 5 Simultaneous Games

We are NOT at GenCon this week. Instead, let’s talk about simultaneous play. What are our favorite games where everyone plays at the same time?

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“Citizen scientists” discovered two planets around a star that is 352 light-years away from earth.

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What We’ve Been Playing

Bonsai (our review)
Nerd Words: Science
Star Trek Crypticwe asked YOU which game from a Funko shipment we should try first. Trekkies unite!
Big Top
Century Golem – it’s great to see how our kids create different strategies and how they react when their plans are disrupted.
Something Wild (also from the Funko shipment)

Monthly Report – July

Anitra: 24 unique games, 43 total plays. H-index 3. Most played: River Wild (12 times!), Miller Zoo, Fika.

Andrew 13 unique games for 20 plays. H-index 2. Most played (besides Andrew’s game prototype): Fika, Mandala, Skulls of Sedlec.

River Wild game

SNAP Review – River Wild

Build the best protected lands for mythical creatures in this solo card game by Steve Aramini.

Watch the video or read the transcript of Anitra’s review.

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Top 5 Games for Simultaneous Play (no turns!)

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What is a simultaneous play game? It’s a game where everyone plays at the same time!

Why this type of game? Because you don’t have to wait for your turn. These games are great for larger numbers of players, and some are also a good fit for younger kids, whose attention spans are still short.

There are a lot of different kinds of games where everyone plays simultaneously.


The Family Gamers Top 5 Simultaneous Play Games:

Fleet: the Dice Game – technically not quite as simultaneous as Merchants of Magick, but we love the simultaneous planning, combos, etc.

Quacks of Quedlinburg – this is a favorite with our family, in part because five people can play all at the same time (with the Herb Witches expansion).

Dinosaurs in front of a board and die

Draftosaurus – this is our favorite drafting game, with cute dino meeples, almost no reading, and scoring that isn’t hard to figure out. In this game, the restrictions make decisions easier, which is great for playing with kids.


Space Team – a real-time cooperative game. Pass “tool” cards around the table to fix problems in front of each player – usually with a lot of frantic yelling.

Very silly and lends itself to sensory overload.


Illiterati – another real-time cooperative game, Illiterati has everyone work to build words and fulfill goals. But because it’s cooperative, everyone can help each other figure out what to make with the letters they have.

We were concerned at first that this made our top five because we played it so recently, but it really is very good.


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