Episode 354 – History Games

History card

Let’s make history! Or maybe just talk about some of our favorite history-inspired board games.

354 fact

The oldest Babylonian calendar had 354 days.

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What We’ve Been Playing

August Monthly Report

Anitra: 31 unique games, 62 total plays. H-index: 3. Most played is Calypso (14 times!). Less than 50% of games were at home (the 14 plays of ultra-portable Calypso doesn’t hurt here!)

Andrew: 19 unique games 24 times, H-index of 2. Qawale played 4 times, Junk Drawer 3 times.

Game Highlights

Junk Drawer (review coming soon)

Star Trek: Cryptic (our review)

Lovelace & Babbage

The Rival Networks

Qawale (review coming soon)

Unmatched: Teen Spirit (our SNAP review)

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Bid and Build Your Circus

SNAP Review – Big Top

Bid on attractions to build your circus. Your bids will also help you “complete” attractions you already own, in an interesting twist on auction games.

It’s only playable at three or four players, but it’s great at both of those counts.

Watch our review of Big Top or read the transcript.

For Science!

Kit Kat Limited Edition Churro flavor.

Not bad, just bland.

Topic: History Board Games

We’ve previously talked about US history (episode 132) and gameschooling (episode 249). But let’s talk about games that are newer, and games that are less US-centric.

A lot of these games let you pluck out relevant details and may spark interest for you and your kids to learn more!

The Whole Sweep of History

Trekking through History (our review)

HerStory (our review)

Timeline – not recommended. This is a very punishing game unless you already know a lot about world history.

Order of Invention – it’s been years since we talked about it, but this was heavily featured as a sponsored ad on the podcast on episodes 132-154.

We’ve also been enjoying CDSK. While it’s a trivia game rather than focusing on history, we love how (like Order of Invention) it lets you evaluate your own level of knowledge before committing to win/lose points.

European History

Gutenberg (our review)

Santorini (kinda)

Lacrimosa (our review)

Sola Fide

Modern History (within the last 100 years)

Watergate (our review)

The Grizzled

Pan Am (our review)

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