Episode 357 – Spooky Games and Hidden Gems with Stephanie Nye

Episode 357 - Spooky Games and Hidden Gems with Stephanie Nye
Episode 357 - Spooky Games and Hidden Gems with Stephanie Nye

Today, we’re talking with the newest writer to join The Family Gamers, Stephanie Nye!

357 Fact – we learn about the 357 Magnum.

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What We’ve Been Playing

Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters (a TFG favorite)

Ra (which we reviewed 2 weeks ago)

Escape room/mystery games!

  • Holiday Hijinks Birthday Burglary
  • The Sherlock Files demo deck
  • Escape Academy (video game – we got it through XBOX Gamepass)

Savernake Forest (pronounced “Sav – er – nack”!)

Turbo Kidz (ridiculous fun; watch out for a review coming soon)

Horrified: Greek Monsters (our review)

Final Girl (not for families! Solo or co-op horror game)

Sherlock 13

Mind Space (review linked below)

Facebook Community

Welcome to 19 new community members! Stop in and say hi!

Mind Space

SNAP Revew – Mind Space

Roll dice and draw shapes on your “brain board”, fitting a little bit of everything into your life. This odd theme works surprisingly well.

Mind Space allows up to five players, with limited player interaction.

Check out the transcript or watch the video.

Welcome Stephanie Nye!

Stephanie started on Instagram, with a focus on cozy living, special daily moments, and family time. A lot of reading, some board games.

As board games “took over”, she created a second account dedicated to that hobby.

Now, she also has a weekly newsletter “Feel Good Friday”, embracing all the small joys in life.

We think games help us slow down and focus on spending time together as a family.

Spooky Games

obviously Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters and Final Girl

Oh My Brain! (our review)

Ghosts Love Candy Too (our review)
and Ghosts Love Candy Too Roll and Fright (find at 25th Century Games or PNP Arcade)

Jekyll vs. Hyde (any time really, but even better this time of year – our review)

Zombie Dice (a long time TFG favorite!)

Studies in Sorcery (our review)

Hidden Gems

Nobody can play ALL the games that come out. But because there are so many, some really great games get lost in the shuffle. Here’s a few of our favorites:

Ancestree (our review)

Gem Rush

Framework (our review)

Pioneer Days & Old West Impresario

Anomia (more about Anomia and all its offshoots)

Miyabi (our review)

Ship Shape (our review)

Find Stephanie Online:

Instagrams: @cozylittlebrownhouse, @brownhouseboardgames


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