Episode 375 – Origins with Stephanie!

Episode 375 - Origins with Stephanie!
Episode 375 - Origins with Stephanie!

Welcome Stephanie Nye this week, to talk about the games we’ve been playing lately and the Origins Game Fair.

375 Fact

A fact about gold

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What We’ve Been Playing

In the Footsteps of Darwin – Spiel des Jahres nominee!
Captain Flip – another nominee!
Lords of Waterdeep – a classic worker placement game. Should we try Champions of Midgard?
Sequoia – this doesn’t need to be as big on the table as the instructions say.
Jinxx (and Hijinks) from Looney Labs
Flip Circus

June Monthly Report

Anitra: 40 plays of 22 games (H-index:3, mostly Jinxx, Captain Flip and A Gentle Rain)

Stephanie: 31 plays of 18 games. Most played: Deduckto. (H-index: 3, with Deduckto, Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, Sequoia, and High Risk)

Andrew: 21 plays of 17 games. (H-index: 3 with Compile, Captain Flip, Kiri-ai The Duel, Ogre Under, and Unboxed.)

Welcome New Members

Stop in and say hi!


What game would make a good movie or TV show?

Check out the Facebook discussion or the Discord.

Anitra holding box for A Gentle Rain

SNAP Review – A Gentle Rain

Anitra shares the details about this new version of A Gentle Rain – a great, simple solo game.

Watch the video to see the new art, or read the full transcript.

Topic: Origins!

Origins Game Fair is a medium-sized convention (“the smallest of the big conventions” says Anitra). It’s great for both seeing new games and for playing games. Stephanie and her husband always set aside time to play games from the Origins library.

Exciting games from the convention:

Café Baras – a must-buy
Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza
Super Kawaii Pets (look for a review of this one in the future)
boop. (Andrew & Anitra love this one!)
Captain Flip
Skyteam (the other Spiel des Jahres nominee!)
Romi Rami
Santa’s Workshop

Columbus Ohio is a great, family-friendly city to visit – and accommodations/food are a lot easier than some of the bigger conventions.

The board gaming community is usually very welcoming, and Origins is a great example of that.

New Backtalk Question!

You may remember in the past Andrew talking about his hobby of bowling, and once he even mentioned a bowling board game that he played called Dragon Bowl. If you could pick a hobby YOU have that you would want a board game about, what would it be, and what would the game be called?

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