50 – The Family Gamers Podcast – Reflections, the meta-podcast


Welcome to episode 50! We’ve been doing The Family Gamers Podcast for quite a while, and thought we would take an opportunity to look back, especially at a few of our early episodes.

What we’ve been playing

Silly Street (we put pictures of the silliness on Instagram)

Barnyard Roundup (see our review)

Extraordinaires Design Studio at the kids’ school (we mentioned this in our interview with Rory O’Connor last week)

Legendary: A Marvel Deck-Building Game

Zeus on the Loose


Mmm! (Still the best game with the worst name in the history of boardgaming.)

Tesla vs. Edison with the Powering Up! expansion

The Klutz Book of Classic Board Games – so many people had this as kids. It’s a great overview of historical two-player games. (find it on eBay for $10-12)

Epic Card Game

Pocket Ops – coming soon to Kickstarter.

Troke (also found on eBay)


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New feature upcoming

Our daughter Claire is starting a video series. “What’s in the Desk?” What game(s) would you like to see her review?

Reflecting on the past

Episode 2 – We’re still trying to find the right balance between too much video games and none at all. The weather is not cooperating. Back then, we complained about “the toddler” grabbing controllers and making people die… now he grabs his own controller and pauses the game… or makes people die. :P

Episodes 3 & 4 on screen time – Anitra has heard good things about Circle (Google “Circle with Disney”) for basic filtering and time monitoring. Andrew suggests setting up a second wireless network specifically for the kids’ devices; that way you can turn off access without affecting other devices in the house.

Episode 8 – Andrew still loves his Broken Token organizer for Lords of Waterdeep. We quit Marvel Puzzle Quest and didn’t go back. We tried Greek Gyro potato chips FOR SCIENCE. Let’s do more food taste-tests FOR SCIENCE!

Episode 12 – We still like Kiwi Crates, but we’ve had a few (minor) issues. Their customer service was great about replacing missing parts. Claire has migrated to Tinker Crate, but it is difficult and doesn’t mesh well with her interests. We have high hopes for Doodle Crate for her.

Episode 17 had all the things we were looking forward to in 2016, like Patchwork, Tesla vs Edison, Amplitude remake… and Lost Woods, which we still haven’t played. Oops!

Episode 21 – we’re still #TeamCap. Our kids are still not old enough for these movies, but they’ve somehow picked up a fair amount of knowledge of who’s who in the Avengers. Andrew marvels at his brilliance in suggesting that Marvel release massive multi-movie sets on Blu-Ray and/or DVD. If you like Marvel comics, we recommend the giant sale on ebooks currently going on at Amazon.

Episode 30 on sportsmanship, being a gracious winner and not a sore loser. We definitely still do not have this down. Asher was very excited about Troke all the way until his very last move, at which point he suddenly burst into tears and declared he hated the game and hadn’t enjoyed any moment of playing.


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