57 – The Family Gamers Podcast – Andy Geremia Redux

Andy Geremia

We’ve brought Andy back on the show to talk about two new games he has coming out now from FunWiz (a division of FoxMind), Brew Dice and Sports Dice: Baseball.

Andy’s first game was Maze Racers (we interviewed him about it back in 2015), but he didn’t want to stop there. He’s been continuing to design new games!

Brew DiceDespite the theme, Brew Dice is a family-friendly game. It started as a rainforest-themed speed-rolling game, but once he came up with the craft brewing theme, he decided to run with that instead. Roll your 3 dice to be the first to match the shapes (coaster, snack type, beer container) on the current card. Snatch the card before someone else can match it, too! It’s fast and fun.

Sports Dice: Baseball - Roll it out of the park!Sports Dice: Baseball was a big hit at GenCon. Two players take the roles of a pitcher and a batter, simultaneously rolling 6 dice to score hits or get outs. There is a tie-breaker chip available (Andrew calls it the “power chip”) to resolve ties; the chip can be used strategically to give an advantage to the player holding it. Andrew waxes eloquently about different ways to use the chip to give leverage over your opponent.

What’s next? Sports Dice: Football is in the works, as well as a possible soccer dice game. Andy says he would rather spend time developing new games rather than trying to self-publish.

Find more information about Andy’s games at BrewDice.com and CerealBoxMaze.com.

The Brew Dice website includes an option for custom cards – if you are a craft brewer or hobby brewer, you can easily order a version of the game with your beer(s) on it!

Andy is giving us one copy of each game to give away to our listeners! If these dice games sound good to you, enter the giveaway on our website.

Lastly, we announce the winners of the Card Caddy giveaway. Did you win? Listen to find out!

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