58 – The Family Gamers Podcast – Camping Games

Camping Games

As we mentioned last week, we’ve been camping! We talk about several camping-themed games from Education Outdoors.

We discuss how we set parameters for personal screen time for our oldest on trips: she can only use it in appropriate circumstances, without recharging. Now that she has had the same rules a few times, she’s figured out how to stretch out her screen time and make it last, rather than playing it non-stop for the first day. Almost like that’s what we have suggested in the past!

What we’ve been playing:

Exploding Kittens (friends got it out from the library!)

War (Wikipedia has the rules)

Cribbage – a great example of adults and kids playing together!

Poker, mostly played among children who don’t know all the rules

What’s Up & Strawberry Ninja – which we also reviewed recently. Great use for our Card Caddy! We love What’s Up.

Please check out our recent written reviews, including Potion Explosion.

Chicken Cha Cha Cha

Video games: Andrew finally beat the first set of the Master Sword trials in the Zelda: Breath of the Wild bonus content.

Horizon Zero Dawn

The kids have picked up Portal 2 and are slowly each making their way through the solo campaign. They tried the co-operative mode, but it is so hard.

They have also started playing Type:Rider. It seems to be helping Asher with persistence.


The Family Gamers will definitely be at PAX Unplugged!

At the end of the show, we announce the winners of our most recent giveaway.

Camping Games:


S’mores – see Anitra’s review. We didn’t really enjoy playing it with more than 3 players, because there weren’t enough s’mores to go around.

Toasted or Roasted – we interviewed the creator, Jeff Johnston, back in April. We briefly compare to CootieToasted or Roasted has mechanics to try to keep things moving if someone gets stuck.

CAMP – a great multi-age trivia roll & move game. All the questions are nature-based, and there are 4 difficulty levels built in. See Andrew’s review.

Honorable mention to Qwingo, which we are looking forward to playing many more times.


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Do you have any games you love to play when camping?