86 – The Family Gamers Podcast – Kids, Games, and When You Don’t Win

Episode 86: When You Don't Win

Special guests join us this week – our children Claire and Asher! We talk about some of the games they’ve been playing, and a little bit about self-control in losing.

What We’ve Been Playing:

Sushi Go Party!

Lanterns: The Harvest Festival

Rolling America

Welcome to DinoWorld – a print and play game available here.

What’s Up – still delightful.

Pocket Sub – from Geek Fever Games, on Kickstarter right now

Awesome Botsalso from Geek Fever Games

Mission to Planet Hexx – with the designer. Retro styled space game where players build the map but also try to keep back cards to fill their “mission briefing” hexagon.

Downforce – Asher beat us all.

Ice Cool – a fun flicking game.

Balloon Pop! – roll-n-write.

Deep Sea Adventure

Losing at Deep Sea Adventure

In Vino Mortefrom Button Shy. Previously mentioned on episode 42 and episode 59. Andrew wasn’t really impressed.

Kintsugi – also from Button Shy. Repair broken pottery, while trying to keep your color of pottery as contiguous as possible.

Deep Sea Adventure – just like Ryan told us last week, this game is so much harder than it appears!

Rising Sun – fictional Japanese clans go to war in this area control game. Bluff your opponent(s) to gain the most honor.

Andrew is super excited to finally get Roll Player. Expect to hear more next week, or look for us at Granite Game Summit to play.

Stacking – video game of story & puzzles with Russian stacking dolls. The kids love to watch.


Go to thefamilygamers.com/community to see more in our Facebook group.

Kirsten & her family posted pictures of games played when they were without power. Potion Explosion, Colt Express, etc.

Max Davie (aka @games4families) playing Celestia with his kids.

Animo finished its Kickstarter and we’re excited to see the cards!

Adam Noel (): “LOVED your “fillers” podcast. Got some great ideas to add to my amazon list!” You’re welcome, Adam!


Cool Stuff Inc. is having a big sale through Sunday 3/11.

FunAgain Games is going out of business. Bad news, except it means they are also clearing out their games at rock bottom prices.

Special Guests

Claire’s featured games:

Top Trumps – a game like War, “except you know what your card is” and “you can also pick a category to fight in.” Full review coming next week! One of the strengths is that they come in dozens of different types. Claire has played six varieties: Mischievous Cats, two Harry Potter decks, two Shopkins decks, and Star Wars (ep IV-VI).

Mastermind – a classic two player game that these two kids often play first thing in the morning.

Brave Rats – another two player game

Deep Sea Adventure – the kids have only played this once and have already decided they hate it. But they’re willing to try again!


Asher and Anitra went to a day at TotalCon. His picks:

Ice Cool – Flicking penguins is fun.

Can’t Stop – a press-your-luck game that looks like a giant stop sign.

Leaf Me Alone and Bearly Asleep – prototype games from our friend Jeff Johnston (creator of Moon Quake Escape, Toasted or Roasted, and Flashlights & Fireflies). In Bearly Asleep, we were baby bears, trying to put the adult bears to sleep so we can play games all winter instead of hibernating.

Car Wars – a Steve Jackson game. Each player has a car, and “you’re playing cards on other people” to destroy their cars and kill the driver!

When You Don’t Win

We talk with the kids about losing. Losing can be frustrating and hard! What have our kids have absorbed from our lessons on being a good loser? We ask them what they would tell a friend who was getting upset mid-game because they think they are losing.

Claire’s advice: “Don’t get upset – You never know what might happen!”

Asher’s advice: “Try to help them make better choices with their attitude and in the game.”

To help with the sting of losing “we yell at each other! YAAAAH”

They reveal that making the winner clean up doesn’t help the loser much, but it does help the winner to have a better attitude.

Claire shares some wisdom she has learned from playing Super Mario 3D World, which can be very frustrating when played with 3-4 players.


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