93 – The Family Gamers Podcast – Dobbers Quest with Darryl Jones

Dobbers Quest for the Key, Kickstarter April 16th

On this week’s podcast, we interview Darryl Jones about his game Dobbers: Quest for the Key.

Dobbers: Quest for the Key is an encounter-building adventure game, based on a comic book Darryl drew over 15 years ago.

The world of the Dobbers is the “Alwaysgreen Forest”. The “Quest for the Key” is an adventure based on the original story: save the world from an evil dark sprite by getting to the magical key. Since you are picking the monsters and locations, it will feel different each time.

Darryl created the game with his son. They both enjoy going to GenCon (see our GenCon episode from last summer), but he wanted to be involved with something more.

Q: If the goal of the game is to save the Alwaysgreen Forest, why are you stopping everybody else from trying to get the key too?
A: “Because I love competitive games and it was super-fun.”

On each turn, you may spend “bottle caps” to invest in your deck, or to place locations or monsters onto the board. Since monsters and locations can be placed by other players unpredictably, “travel points” are the major mechanic that increase the difficulty as you approach the end of the game.

We think Dobbers: Quest for the Key is a great intro to deck-building. Building your deck here has a purpose – to beat the monsters and move forward, not just to amass points. It rewards you for paying attention to what other players are doing.

Dobbers is obviously a richly detailed world and playing the game leaves us wanting to know more about these creatures. We can’t wait to see what Darryl comes up with next!


Find the Kickstarter by going to dobbersquest.com

Get the game for $39 plus shipping, or get the game, the comic book, and an art print for $64! If you’re really interested, you can pledge $290 to collaborate with Darryl to create a new hero for the game. The campaign ends Friday May 18.


Find Darryl @splatteredink on Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch.
More information on Dobbers: Quest for the Key at dobbersquest.com or splatteredink.com

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