Gen Con 2018: Jonathan Chaffer – Designer

Jonathan Chaffer talked with us about two of his games, both present at Gen Con 2018.


Published by Green Couch Games. It is a filler game, about 20 minutes long. It’s about filling pastries: “I believe in pun-first design.”

Hand-building game: you’re trying to put more cards in your hand, but unlike a deck-builder, you don’t have to shuffle and draw. You’re making pastries (cards). Bid on how early to “get to work”… the earlier players give up some of the better ingredients.

Inspired by Copycat (Friedman Friese), especially the mechanism of sacrificing cards for turn order.

Will be on shelves in a few months, but available for pre-order ($5 off) now!Stroop game


Published by Grand Gamers Guild – one of Anitra’s favorites. A speed-perception game, try to discard cards from your hand as fast as possible. Based on a psychological phenomenon called the Stroop effect; your language processor competes with your visual processor.

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Find him on Twitter @unclejonbob

and check out the Grand Rapids Unpublished Gaming Society


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