Gen Con 2018: David Gerrard – Junk Spirit Games

Junk Spirit Games

Nick caught up with David Gerrard of Junk Spirit Games at Gen Con. Here are a few games they are excited about:

Tyler Sigman’s Crows – Tyler Sigman is the designer of the video game “Darkest Dungeon”. This card game has been revamped and polished since its first version in 2010.

By the Order of the Queen – an introduction to the world of Tessandor. A cooperative RPG-like game to save the world. Strategic enough for adults, approachable for kids. Feels like a campaign, but all in one sitting, via event cards. The box says 10+, but any kid who can read can play.

JunKing also tries to hit the happy medium of playable for kids and adults. (See our review from way back in 2016 when it was on Kickstarter!)

Battle of the Bards – coming to Kickstarter (maybe January?), also set in the Tessandor universe. (Logo nods to Metallica.) Bards show off their talents at an annual competition. Dice game with light deckbuilding. Roll a colored die appropriate to each bard to use their ability.


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