PAX Unplugged 2019: Deep Water Games

Deep Water Games
Deep Water Games

Chris from Deep Water Games talked to us at PAX Unplugged. Here’s what Chris could tell us about some of their new games:

Fantastic Factories – a dice placement game; the dice are your workers. “Train” to manipulate dice, “build” to add new factories, “manufacture” components to upgrade factories. Your goal is to have the most efficient factory in a limited number of turns. Plays up to 5 players or can be played as a series of solo puzzles. Suitable for gamer kids ages 10+. (Around $40)

Fantastic Factories game
Fantastic Factories in play

Welcome To New Las Vegas – coming around April 2020. A sequel with new layers of strategy and new layers of scoring. Two sheets: one to build casinos and bonuses! Now score in columns as well as rows.

The original Welcome To… will also see two more expansions in 2020.

Trial of the Temples – a prequel to Mystery of the Temples (which we reviewed) and Realm of Sand. Build tier 1 sets to get rewards and climb to tier 2 then tier 3.

Claim 2 – a sequel to Claim with five new factions. It can be mixed with the original Claim, or played on its own.

Find all these and more at Follow them @DeepWaterGames on social media, too: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.