PAX Unplugged 2019: Oink Games

Oink Games

Oink had a ton of games on show at PAX Unplugged! Anitra talks with Toby about some of their family-friendly titles.

Nine Tiles Panic – a speedy puzzle. Every player has an identical set of 9 double-sided tiles. The group will pick three goals, then race to make a town with interconnected roads that fills the goals as best as possible. With 40 unique goal cards, there’s a ton of replay. Score your goals based on how well you did compared to the other players, not a set rule.

The box is a bit bigger than we’re used to from Oink Games, but still small, and it supports 5 players right out of the box! Play with multiple copies for a bigger group.

Fafnir – Oink’s newest game, about chickens that lay gems and golden eggs. Exchange gems & gold in an auction. You’re always trying to get better pieces than what you currently have. Whoever bets the most gems will win an auction, but the more pieces are given up, the faster the game will end. You’ll want to specialize in just one or two types of gem, but without going too high!

Insider – feels a bit like A Fake Artist Goes to New York, but a bit simpler and supports a lower player count (minimum 4). Twenty questions (or “the yes/no game”) , but the “insider” knows what word is being guessed. They’ll try to direct the group to the correct answer without being found out. Can you ask questions that aren’t too obvious? Works well even with young children – just rig the deck to make sure they’re not the insider!

Find all these and more at Find them on Facebook: @OinkGames, Twitter: @Oinkgms, and Instagram: @Oinkgms.