SNAP Review – Smoosh and Seek Treehouse

Smoosh and Seek Treehouse
Smoosh and Seek Treehouse

This darling cooperative memory game promises tactile feedback with a cute theme. Corey and his daughter will tell us all about it.

Smoosh and Seek Treehouse is a 10 minute game for 2-4 players, ages 3+. It was designed by Tony Morley and it’s published by Peaceable Kingdom.


The board is a bright cheerful treehouse, with a nice cartoony style. The animal kids who live in this treehouse clubhouse look friendly, and fit the age level well.

Treehouse board
Treehouse board with animal friends and smooshers


The point of the game is to find all the kids in the treehouse before Mr. Prickles (the supervising adult) gets to the top of the ladder and catches them.

Draw a token out of the bag. Then try to match up the token with a “smoosher” that’s on the board. Choose a “smoosher” and push it into the dough ball to see if it matches the character you just pulled.

Since this is a cooperative game, all the players should work together to remember the positions of the smooshers.

Animal face embossed in play dough
Smoosh dough reveals the animal hidden in the smoosher


Our kids weren’t sure what the smooshers were when we first opened the box. They were excited for the animal friends on the tokens and the fun looking treehouse. It looks like you’d put the tokens onto the treehouse spots, which was a little confusing.

We thought that adding the tactile dough smooshing to a memory game would help our kids remember which animal was where. Our youngest child was able to play and enjoy the game even by herself.

Friendly animals in Smoosh and Seek Treehouse
Friendly animals


We were surprised at how hard the game gets near the end. As you remove the animal friends from the bag, you’ll eventually only have one friend and Mr. Prickles left. This makes it really easy to pull the Mr. Prickles token several times in a row, and lose.

Our youngest (age three) quickly figured out it was easier to flip over a smoosher and peek at it instead of smooshing it into the dough.

Mr. Prickles climbs the ladder to the Smoosh and Seek Treehouse
Watch out for Mr. Prickles as he climbs the ladder!


We like Smoosh and Seek Treehouse for preschoolers. It’s fun to smush the dough and look for a matching animal.

It’s a fresh take on a memory game, and a nice way to work together as a family.

Find Smoosh and Seek Treehouse on Amazon, the Peaceable Kingdom website, or at your local toy and game store.

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Smoosh and Seek Treehouse
  • Animal Friends


Age Range: 3+

Number of Players: 1-4

Playtime: 10 minutes