130 – Looking Ahead – The Family Gamers Podcast


Let’s talk about all the stuff coming in 2019 that we’re looking forward to!

What We’ve Been Playing

We think that setting up challenges in the BG Stats app has pushed us a little towards playing certain games – but not too much! We have a lot of variety this week.

Imhotep (Anitra’s favorite)

Roll Player Monsters & Minions – we both like it, but Andrew misses the struggle to balance all the goals that was present in the original Roll Player. Anitra liked this “easier” version better.

Deblockle – quickly becoming a favorite short/light game. Anitra thinks it feels like a more thinky version of checkers.

Caverna: Cave vs. Cave

Champion of the Wild – we’ll talk more about this next week!

Fire in the Library – used sore losing as an opportunity to learn the solo game. And we like that the publisher was very engaged in our feedback. (If you backed the Kickstarter for Fire in the Library and haven’t received it yet, you will soon!)

Discoveries – which Andrew talked about two weeks ago. A neat dice-manipulation game

Bärenpark – it’s been a while since we played. Still love it. We compare it briefly to Patchwork, which Anitra has been playing on her phone.

Poetry Slam – “this is a word game that involves a lot of staring at the table and trying to think”. It’s got a lot of fiddly pieces, especially for a word game. We discuss how it could be streamlined. But we do really enjoy it!


Kingdomino – in which we allowed Elliot (4) a handicap… which allowed him to get a higher score than Asher!

Onitama – love this game.

Mole Rats in Space – really enjoying this family-friendly co-op.

Tiny Ninjas

Board Game in the Middle

Two weeks ago, we picked three games and guessed which one was in the middle, based on BoardGameGeek ratings. In the end, Anitra and Andrew were both wrong: IceCOOL was the one neither of us picked. Average BGG scores: IceCOOL (6.88), Caverna Cave vs Cave (7.33), Rocky Road à la Mode (6.79).

The Potion: a micro-game from Foxmind

We’ll take a break from Board Game in the Middle for now. If you want it back, let us know!

SNAP Review: The Potion

Hear Nick and Izzy’s thoughts on this ultra-portable game. Read the summary on our website.

Coming for The Family Gamers in 2019

What we’re looking forward to this year:


Games we’ve backed on Kickstarter in the past that we should be receiving this year: Campaign Trail (being fulfilled!), Jetpack Joyride, ReChord, The Perfect Moment, and Tangled Timelines of course

Speaking of Button Shy…

Button Shy Board Game of the Month Club – although we haven’t received anything yet, we’re looking forward to monthly goodies. Check it out on Patreon.

New Games

Tiny Towns (check out our interview with the creator!), Calliope Titan Series (particularly ShipShape – we talked about these at PAX Unplugged), Proving Grounds (solo real-time dice game from Renegade)

Expansions and Sequels

Barenpark expansion, Dice Forge expansion, Imhotep The Duel (2 player – now in English!), Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters Creepy Cellar expansion (should actually be available).


In 2018, TFG contributors attended Granite Game Summit, TotalCon, GenCon, and PAX Unplugged.

In 2019, we plan to do all of that again, plus Origins (Anitra) and Dice Tower Con (Andrew)! If you’re not in the northeast US, you can find us at a large convention slightly closer to you! Don’t forget that “play a a game with us at a convention” is a pledge level on our Podpledge…

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