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5 More Games for 5 Players

One hundred episodes ago, we created our most popular podcast ever – our top 5 games for five players. We’ve got five more games that we’d highly recommend for this player count. These are games we really like with a fifth player, not just games that are “okay” at five.

220 fact – 220 AD marks the end of the Han Dynasty in China. It began in 202 BC, so that means it was over 400 years old. That’s a long time!

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What We’ve Been Playing

Shifting Stones (Gamewright)

Tempus Imperium (find it on PNPArcade.com for free)

Penny Rails (Button Shy)

Heist (University Games) – we really enjoy this (in small doses) and it’s in our gift-giving guide for this year

Telestrations: Upside Drawn (The OP) – listen to the SNAP review.

Magic: The Gathering is still a hit with Asher. This has been a great tool for practicing how to lose without being a sore loser.

Dungeon Academy (The OP) – a fun real-time path finding game. Our review.


Congratulations to Chris Hazen, winner of the Food Fighters giveaway.

Back talk – from Hub Games

We love how creative the games from Hub Games are. And it’s gratifying to know that they appreciate our work as reviewers, too; specifically related to our recent Prisma Arena review.

Hi Andrew,

It’s rare to read a review and think “This reviewer gets it!”. It shouldn’t surprise me, but you covered so much in the review that other reviews overlooked. For that, I am very grateful. I think I speak for all of us at Hub Games when I say we are extremely happy with our partnership with The Family Gamers. I think your ethos and our games align nicely with each other.

Rory O’Connor
Hand drawing a letter and a mailbox

SNAP Review – Telestrations: Upside Drawn

Team up and draw mysterious pictures in this Pictionary-like game from The OP. Although it’s recommended for age 12+, we think it’s suitable for the whole family.

Read the transcript and see more pictures at our SNAP review.

Games for a 5th Player

We have five players in our family: Our fifth player is getting older and ready to play more games with us – and he can read a little now! Do you have five players?

Back talk – Community!

See the recommendations from our Facebook community:

“Key to a good group game for us is that there isn’t too much downtime between turns.”

Love the idea of letting pre-readers draw pictures in clue-giving writing games like Blank Slate or Just One!

There’s a few games we’ve recommended in the past, and a few we’ll recommend in this episode.

5 More Games for 5 Players

Playing a game with 5-6 players doesn’t mean it has to be a party game or a guessing game. We’ve picked some of our favorites in five different categories:

  • Draftosaurus – Drafting Game
    • Drafting games keep a large number of players involved on every turn.
    • We think that having the scoring on the board makes it a little easier for younger players.
  • Grimm Masquerade – Deduction
    • This looks like a social deduction game, but it’s not.
    • Collect sets of objects to use special abilities and unmask other players.
    • More than one way to win a round
    • Players are never “out”, and it feels the same at all player counts.
  • The Crew – Cooperative Trick Taking
    • cooperative plus trick-taking is an odd combination, but we love it.
    • winner of the Kennerspiel des Jahres (2020)
  • Catacombs of Karak (or Karak) – Tile Laying, Dungeon Crawl
    • This is a very simple dungeon crawl game for kids
    • dungeon is different every time
  • Just One – Cooperative Guessing
    • All players but one will give clues; but any overlapping clues get erased before the last player can start guessing.
    • five players is the sweet spot. More tension than in a bigger group or a smaller group.
    • winner of the Spiel des Jahres (2019)

Runners Up

You knew we couldn’t keep it to just five, didn’t you?

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