Gen Con 2018: Jason Kotarski – Green Couch Games

Jason Kotarski at Gen Con 2018

Nick was able to grab Jason Kotarski from Green Couch Games and talk about what they’ve been doing at Gen Con.

Before the Earth Explodes – the newest offering from Green Couch Games. Designed by Daryl Andrews and Adrian Adamescu, who also designed Sagrada. Two player head-to-head, rock-paper-scissors style play with four ways to win.

Best Treehouse Ever: Forest of Fun (we spoke to Jason about this when it was on Kickstarter), which should be out very soon!

Into the Black Forest – designed by Jason Slingerland , who was responsible for Unreal Estate. Trick-taking and area control; coming to Kickstarter this fall.

Filler (Nick also talked to Jonathan Chaffer, the designer) – a twist on deck-building with some action selection. Each card has multiple uses: times, ingredients, recipes, and scoring bonuses. 15-20 minutes, for 1-6 players!

“Great little games that make great big connections.”

Jason tells us a little bit about Green Couch Games. They make games that bridge the gap between casual players and more serious gamers. All their games are family-friendly, bright and colorful, at impulse-purchase prices.

Nick and Jason both talk a bit about Fidelitas, the very first Green Couch Games release.
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Don’t forget Jason’s Facebook group & associated podcast, “20 Minutes of Filler“.


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