28 – The Family Gamers Podcast – Boston FIG Tabletop games

We saw more digital games aimed towards kids than kid-friendly tabletop games this year. Weird! But we still had quite a few favorites.

What we’ve been doing:
We tried out a party game called Gimme 5
Crazier Eights: Camelot
We discuss Takenoko (cute pandas) vs. Ragnaroll (pillaging Vikings, everyone dies)… revisiting the fun from Episode 9
Duple (of course!)

The Family Gamers is published! The Yankee Express (central Massachusetts free newspaper) now has a Family Gamers column.

We had a special guest – our five-year-old son. His favorites? Clean Up Your Room, Pollywog Pond, and cookies.

two year old playing Spider's Cradle

Playing Spider’s Cradle

Clean Up Your Room by Dan Riles
Dragoon by Lay Waste Games – expensive ($75) but really cool
Gamewright was showing Imagine – like Pictionary, but with translucent picture cards instead of drawing.
Gamewright also had “Cardventures” – Stowaway 52 & Jump Ship – a solitaire story game, choose-your-own-adventure style

Complicated Board Game the Card Game (Similar to Fluxx in that anyone can draw cards that change the rules of how pieces can be played – Kickstarter is now complete)

Spider’s Cradle by Tony Tran – our two-year-old’s favorite
Robit Riddle by Kevin Craine
Cubist by Bored Geekz & Natalie Traber (symbol matching & manipulation. Think Quirkle meets Tetris)
eBee – quilted circuits board game, from students at Northeastern (won Most Innovative Game)
In the Loop by Katherine Whalen (teaching about scarcity of elemental resources, recycling – a truly educational resource management game)

Cubist game

Playing Cubist

G.I. Germ Fighters (card game with a similar feel to Pokemon/etc. just finishing a Kickstarter)
Monsters in the Elevator by Yaya Play – semi-cooperative, early math skills – mostly counting by 10s. (won Best Family Game)
Rocket Cats in Space by PBJ Games (manipulative game, like classic marbles, but with strategic path-building)

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