Episode 366 – Year of the Dragon! Top 5 Dragon Games

Episode 366 - Year of the Dragon! Top 5 Dragon Games
Episode 366 - Year of the Dragon! Top 5 Dragon Games

Lunar New Year was not to long ago, and now we are in the year of the dragon! Sounds like a perfect excuse to give you our top 5 dragon-themed games.

366 Fact

There were 366 Episodes of the anime BLEACH (not counting the “Thousand-Year Blood War” arc which came after the main series).

366 is also the world record for most lemmings saved in a single playthrough of the arcade game Lemmings.

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What We’ve Been Playing

Dragon Bowlmore info at Scarb Enterprises
Avant Carde (our preview)
Deblockle (our review)
For Northwood!
ArcheOlogic (review coming soon) – the app is nice, but not as much as Andrew was wishing for.
Kabuto Sumo (our review) – best when you take risks and don’t take it too seriously.
Picky Pixie (review coming soon)
Pocket Paragons (our review)

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We picked the winner for a copy of National Geographic Secret Clue: Animals.

Oda Nobunaga and Tomoe Gozen

SNAP Review – Unmatched: Sun’s Origin

We review the latest addition to the Unmatched series.

This one is based on real people from Japanese history, and we think they’re fascinating. Watch the video or read the transcript on our website.


We try Oreo Space Dunk – an Oreo with brilliant pink and blue “marshmallow flavor” filling… and pop rocks?

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Top Five Dragon Games

We talked about dragon games all the way back in episode 169 with Claire. But that’s not what we’re doing this time! This is our top five dragon games for families… in no particular order.


By Michael Menzel, published by KOSMOS; brand new in 2024. You’re drawing cards from a “book”, and then playing dragon cards when you can play the exact quantity and kind specified by the book. There are ways to adjust the book, but there are also more constraints for which types you can play. We’ll be reviewing this one soon.

Dragon’s Breath

A wonderful kids’ game from HABA by Gunter and Lena Burkhart. Remove rings from the “ice tower” to drop gems – and “bet” on which color gems will drop the most.

We reviewed Dragon’s Breath in 2019.


A lovely family game from Calliope of creating a maze and trying NOT to get to the end of your path. It looks very “adult” but is approachable for kids with a bit of patience.

Block Ness

We love Block Ness, but Anitra argues this doesn’t fit. They’re not dragons!

Dragonwood (and Dragonrealm)

Dragonwood by Darren Kisgen is a fantasy-themed game for kids. Turn in sets of cards (matching numbers, matching colors, or runs in order) to roll dice and beat monsters. Different monsters are vulnerable to different kinds of attacks (sets of cards)! This game reinforces a lot of important math skills for kids in a fun way! Dragonwood from Gamewright was one of the first games we ever reviewed.

We also enjoy the sequel, Dragonrealm but it tends a little older. (10+)


The most complex game in our list due to reading and lots of choices. But still very approachable for older kids (10+). This is our teenage daughter’s favorite. We reviewed it last year.

Anitra loves these dragons the most – cute dragons with jobs! There’s nothing combative or violent in the theme here.

Flamecraft is published by Cardboard Alchemy and Lucky Duck Games.

And since we mentioned it… enjoy this video of Mandy Patinkin and his family learning Wingspan.

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