Sunrise Lane – A Town on the Rise

Sunrise Lane game

In Sunrise Lane, players compete to build the most lucrative and attractive neighborhoods. The higher their town rises, the more prestige they will enjoy. Certain city blocks are better investments than others, but timing is everything, and sometimes blocking a fellow builder from a great investment is the way to get ahead! The player with the most clever balance of both short-term scoring and long-term planning will surely rise to the top.

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Tajuto: Pagoda Pandemonium

Tajuto game box

In Tajuto from Renier Knizia up to four players will construct pagodas to increase their Meditation and achieve Spirituality points. Tajuto is published by Super Meeple (Luma Imports distributes it in the US & Canada) and is best for players ages 10+. How to Play Your goal is to have the most Spirituality points when the fourth pagoda is completed.

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Tournament of Towers: A Sophisticated Game of Dexterity and Planning

Tournament of Towers

The beauty of Tournament is in its difficulty. The pieces were intentionally designed to be difficult to use for building boring towers. Once I realized that, I embraced the difficulty; rather than trying to build the tallest tower, I began trying to build the most interesting tower instead.

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