ArcheOlogic – Deductive Cartography


Mapping a hidden city full of traps is the theme of ArcheOlogic, a new logic and deduction game from Ludonaute. ArcheOlogic is a deduction and polyomino placement game for 1-4 players ages 12 and up. A game should take a little under an hour. Setup In ArcheOlogic, players race to determine the correct placement of six buildings (represented by polyominos)

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Namiji – Setting Sail

Namiji cover

Namiji, designed by Antoine Bauza for 2-5 players, is a relaxing, Japan-themed board game of worker placement and set collection. Taking 30-45 minutes, players 8+ sail around a track, engaging in fishing, net casting, and completing panoramas to earn points. Namiji offers multiple scoring strategies and a unique turn mechanism that keeps tension high.

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