297 – Kevin & Melissa Delp, Tantrum House – The Family Gamers Podcast

Melissa Delp & Kevin Delp

Today on the podcast, we welcome Kevin and Melissa Delp, part of the team at Tantrum House. Fact – Clematis is a type of flowering plant – which currently has 297 species. What We’ve Been Playing Skyrise (Roxley)Under Falling Skies (CGE – our review)UNDO: Forbidden Knowledge (Pegasus Spiele – review coming soon)Space Station Phoenix (Rio Grande)Rear Window (Funko Games)Batman: Everybody

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295 – with Little Big Thumbs, JP Decosse – The Family Gamers Podcast

JP and daughters

This week we welcome JP Decosse, also known as “Big Papa Thumbs” from Little Big Thumbs. Fact(s) – We have 3 ridiculous Guinness World records this week: The longest jump on a unicycle (295 cm), the most handheld lasers lit simultaneously (295 lasers), and the most people filling in their eyebrows simultaneously (295 people, organized in the shape of two

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291 – Beyond Board Games – Strong Songs – The Family Gamers Podcast

Our special guest this week is Kirk Hamilton, host of the podcast Strong Songs. What makes a song great? Is it the “thump, pop, and sizzle” of the drum groove, power chords, lush 7ths and 9ths? Kirk uses music theory, history, and isolates patterns to break down songs you’ve heard before and help you understand WHY they’re great.

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